For 4 servings, you're going to need...


1qt/lneutral oil1lbpork loin2cAP flour1cpanko breadcrumbs3large eggs


About 30 minutes total (10 minutes active)


2 platesmixing bowlknifemeat tenderizer or rolling pinplastic wrap or a plastic bag>4qt stock potfrying or probe thermometerpaper towel or drying rack, placed over plate or sheet pan

Cut pork loin crosswise into halves, and then into halves again so you have four 1/4lb pieces.

Place one piece between plastic wrap or inside a plastic bag.

Pound out until about 1/8" thick with a tenderizer or rolling pin.

Repeat with other 3 pieces.

Pour AP flour onto one of your plates and panko onto the other.

Whisk together eggs in the mixing bowl.

Preheat oil to 350°F/180°C in your stockpot.

Coat pork — one piece at a time — in flour, then egg, then panko.

Then place it directly into the hot oil.

Flip repeatedly until evenly golden-brown.

Remove to a paper towel or drying rack to drain off the oil.

Repeat with other 3 pieces of pork.

Serve with curry and/or rice.